Organic Surge channels the vibrancy and goodness of nature into our everyday lives. With products as individual as we are, natural formulas and charitable links, Organic Surge is dedicated to making life better wherever we can, starting with you. Organic Surge loves your skin, lavishing it with naturally-derived, intensely nourishing ingredients and deliciously fragrant essential oils. Just like your skin, Organic Surge products are 100% free of harsh chemicals – no parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, no artificial fragrances or colourants and no genetically modified ingredients. And the very soul of Organic Surge lies in its charitable donations and hands-on work spanning many years.

The Organic Surge story started when well known Scottish Interior Designer Alan MacKenzie began experiencing problems with his own skin and was unable to find a natural skincare range at an affordable price. So, like any true entrepreneur – Alan created his own.

Alan spent two years perfecting product formulations before launching Organic Surge in 2006, creating a product range that really worked, was luxurious yet affordable, and most importantly could be used by everyone ̶ no matter what their age or skin type.

Alan’s other driving mission has been to use the success of Organic Surge to create a better life for some of the most under privileged people in Africa. Alan was encouraged fifteen years ago to visit Kenya for the first time. It was then that he realised how far our money could go there and how much good it could do. Alan has a long history of supporting charities in Africa, so when he started Organic Surge it was very important for him to give something back. Through profits made from sales, Organic Surge have been able to donate funds to help provide accommodation, food, medical services, education and a real hope for those in need. Alan spends time regularly visiting charity projects in Kenya including Kenyan Children’s Home Orphanage in Nairobi and Watoto Children’s Charity in Uganda.

Alan believes that giving should be done where ever there is need, commenting that ‘It’s easy to say that one person can’t make a difference but if you join together with like minded people, together you can make a huge difference’. Organic Surge is a brand with a conscience and we are proud that every product sold from our collection helps to create financial and emotional opportunities for some of the most neglected people in our world.

Organic Surge has recently gone through the Eco Certification process and are proud to announce that almost the entire range is Eco Certified.