Founded in the UK in 2007, but many years in the making Time Bomb is a premium, powerful, targeted age defying skincare range.

Launched by popstar Lulu, who spent several years customising her regime by adding in unique ingredients from her travels, along with her friend and now CEO/Innovator of Time Bomb, Gale Federici who worked with her to create it into the brand it is today. Lulu is still a huge advocate and ambassador for the brand but the products very much speak for themselves with award winning formulas that receive rave reviews and a very loyal customer base.

With a radically new approach to looking at ageing skin, the formulas are a blend of the highest concentrations of naturally derived and cutting edge ingredients. It is the first results driven skin care range that has targeted the skin’s 4 core deficiencies as it ages.

– Loss of sloughing ability
– Loss of moisture
– Loss of oil (sebum)
– Loss of collagen

The range consists of a full regime, from a cleanser through to modern tonics, serums, moisturisers and targeted treatment products. Within the assortment there are some unique first to market, ground breaking products like the Complexion Cocktails (the first skin tonics with super-potent, skin-boosting shots) and Collagen Bomb (the first skin fuel that re-energizes and re-activates essential collagen) which are radically fresh, innovative solutions to keep skin functioning optimally…..firing on all cylinders… it can look fresh, firm, smooth and radiant at any age.

Each product in the range delivers results, whether slotted into an existing routine or as part of the Timebomb skincare regime.